Mike Lee's Ghettosled

Over the last 14+ years, Mike Lee's Ghettosled has been transformed from a mild mannered street truck, into a 1200+hp machine. What was once considered by many the fastest SUV ever built, has now served as a true testament to the capabilities of the Chevy v6.

The Ghettosled was purchased new in 1993, and it didn’t take long to receive its first bolt on modification. After a couple years of tweaking with minor bolt ons, the truck was shipped cross country to California. Not long after its voyage to Ca, did the Ghettosled gain notoriety on the streets of LA as one of the fastest daily driven rides to hit the street races. In an effort to stay on top, the Ghettosled received a bowtie engine transplant coupled with the first ever SyTy twin turbo kit.

A couple years and engine combinations later, the ghettosled made a huge statement in 2006, when it showcased its 1200+ hp engine, and astonishing track performance. On the first trip to the track with the new suspension and engine combination, the Ghettosled became the worlds quickest and fastest GMC Typhoon posting a 9.42@145 on 15psi and 275 drag radials (no slicks).


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